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Mr Giles Davies: Consultant Breast Surgeon, London

Giles Davies : Consultant Breast Surgeon, London
Mr Giles Davies: Consultant Breast Surgeon, London

Mr Giles Davies is a consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon with the London Breast Clinic at 108 Harley Street. He specialises in breast reconstruction, segmental and total mastectomy, and the prevention of breast cancer.

A highly qualified and experienced breast surgeon

Mr Giles Davies was educated at Harrow School and St Georges Hospital where he was awarded the William Brown and Devitt-Pendlebury Exhibition and graduated in 1997. He trained at the Royal Marden Hospital and was awarded his MD thesis for investigating the role of COX-2 inhibitors in the prevention of breast cancer which was published and presented internationally. 

He trained in oncoplastic breast surgery via an international fellowship at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia and since 2008 has worked as full time Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at Kingston Hospital NHS Trust and also closely with the Royal Marsden Hospital. Mr Davies specialises in Oncoplastic breast surgery. 

The London Breast Clinic

The London Breast Clinic provides an integrated service staffed by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team specialising in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all benign and malignant breast disease. It aims to achieve this with the highest standard of professional care, and a minimum of delay in relaxing and friendly surroundings.

This private breast clinic in London is dedicated to minimising patient anxiety. The caring, highly experienced, professional team is available every weekday, so appointments can be usually be offered within 24 hours sometimes even the same day.

This multi-disciplinary team comprising consultant surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, oncologists, nurses and other experienced health professionals, offers the best possible assessment of benign and malignant breast disease in the shortest possible time and within one site.

The expertise of their specialist breast care team enables them to provide care to breast patients at all stages - from screening through surgery, to radiotherapy and chemotherapy both at 108 Harley Street and at associated hospitals.

One stop day surgery centre

The centre offers same day consultations and minor operations under local anaesthetic whilst avoiding the formal admission procedure required at larger private facilities. The surgery is staffed by trained theatre personnel and experienced nurses. The operating theatre and breast clinic treatment rooms have the latest state-of-the-art equipment where the following procedures can be carried out: 

  • Breast cyst aspiration
  • Breast abscess drainage
  • Fine needle aspiration cytology
  • Core biopsy
  • Nipple biopsy
  • Nipple discharge analysis
  • Cytological assessment
  • Surgical excision of lesions where appropriate

Facilities and services provided at The London Breast Clinic

  • Breast care advice and counselling
    All practice nurses have undergone specialist breast care training. To ensure continuity of care and a full understanding of your situation, they are available for pre and post operative information, advice and support, for both out-patients and in-patients on all aspects of breast care, including: general health; self examination; breast screening; breast reconstruction; breast prosthesis information and fitting; hormone replacement therapy, with reference to the breast.

  • Breast screening and assessment of screening abnormalities

    Adhering to the high standards of the National Breast Screening Programme their screening is tailored to each patients specific needs. Full back-up facilities are available for assessing abnormalities with on site mammography, ultrasound stereotactic/perforated plate cytology and localisation. A complete team with the necessary radiological, surgical and pathology expertise and equipment assess all conditions.

  • Lump assessment

    For patients with a lump there is one-stop assessment by a breast surgeon, with appropriate imaging and cytology.

  • Mastalgia (breast pain)

    They have consultants with a particular interest and expertise in breast pain, prevention and treatment.

  • Familial breast cancer

    Advice regarding genetic predisposition to breast malignancy and the appropriate investigations is available from a consultant geneticist with expertise in familial breast cancer.

  • Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC)
    In this investigation a consultant breast surgeon a inserts a fine needle into the breast, to remove a small sample cells from the breast lump, for microscopic examination (cytology), to look for any signs of abnormality in the cells. The results are usually available with 24 hours and the consultant breast surgeon will then discuss the findings with you.

  • Cosmetic surgery

    A complete range of cosmetic surgery procedures including mastopexy (breast uplifting), augmentation (enlargement), reduction, nipple reconstruction and correction of congenital deformities.

  • Reconstructive surgery

    Operations to restore the shape of the breast following mastectomy, matching as nearly as possible to the remaining breast can be planned either as an immediate reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy operation or undertaken at a later date.

  • Oncology

    Their clinical oncologists specialise in the treatment of tumours by drugs, hormones and radiotherapy.

  • Radiotherapy

    The use of high energy x-ray beams to treat the breast tissue. Radiotherapy is usually undertaken after surgery at associated hospitals under the supervision of the clinical oncologists.

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The London Breast Clinic

108 Harley Street



Tel:  +44 (0)20 7563 1234

Fax: +44 (0)20 7563 1212

Email: info@108harleystreet.co.uk

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