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Stop smoking and allergies


Healthvibes uses frequency patterns to substantially reduce addictive cravings, desensitise allergies and detoxify toxins to help improve a person’s health. Therapist Savita Bhandari is confident more people can, and should, benefit.

Since 1998, Savita Bhandari has practised bioresonance therapy and nutritional therapy, and has had great success in helping people stop smoking as well as fight allergies and many other health conditions.

Savita’s website features a video clip of a three-year-old boy with severe eczema who experienced a remarkable improvement after treatment. Savita then started to use the therapy in 2005 to help people stop smoking, with amazing results. Two journalists, who were investigating the therapy for the Sunday Telegraph and the Richard & Judy show, stopped smoking after just one session of therapy. The BBC also reported on the 90% success rate the clinic was achieving in helping people to stop smoking. The clinic is now working to help people fight other addictions, too.

Whatever your health concern, Savita can provide a free phone consultation or carry out a health assessment to get an energy scan of 20 organs and systems in the body to highlight your toxic, infection and allergy status. From this information, Savita can then devise a special therapy plan to improve your health and vitality.

Savita is certain she can help you, whatever your problem. ‘Healthvibes tests and balances your allergies, toxins and nutritional deficiencies to help you improve your health and vitality,’ she says. ‘You too can stop smoking, beat alcohol addiction and drug addiction.’

Harley Street news : 14 September 2010