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Harley Street at UCH: Private cancer treatment in London

Harley Street at UCH

The entire focus of Harley Street at UCH's cancer unit, from the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to leading drug development and treatment options, is centred on the needs of the individual patient. Every case is different. 

Harley Street at UCH

Harley Street at UCH

Harley Street at UCH is a specialicist cancer unit formed in partnership by The Harley Street Clinic and University College Hospital in London. It is a ground breaking partnership of NHS clinical excellence and award winning private healthcare in London. Delivering world-class treatment for cancers of the blood and connective tissue, the unique partnership enables the Clinic to treat the full spectrum of cancer cases and to offer comprehensive care for every type of tumour.

A dedicated Young Persons Cancer Unit is scheduled to open in spring 2010. Patients from 13-19 will be able to receive private cancer treatment including comprehensive bone marrow transplants in a purpose built facility.

Harley Street at UCH provides specialist medical and surgical care ranging from simple day case procedures to complex sarcoma and haemato-oncology, all of which are supported by the extensive critical care facilities at UCH.

They also specialise in treating haematological (blood) cancers, with a dedicated transplant team, as well as primary bone and soft tissue cancers.

Harley Street art UCH are also familiar with the complexities of cancer treatment, including stem cell and bone marrow transplants. By combining their expertise, they are able to offer patients a treatment plan tailored to specific needs, no matter how rare the type of cancer.

Harley Street Clinic

The radiologists at the Harley Street Clinic work with the latest imaging equipment - magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners and computer tomography (CT) scanners which build a 3D image of the affected area - to detect and pinpoint the tumour very precisely so the treatment is extremely accurate. The Clinic has two linear accelerators which deliver the radiotherapy treatment and the most advanced gamma knife technology for treatment of small brain tumours. Gamma Knife treatment can also used for non-cancer cases.

The whole patient

Yet their cancer care goes beyond clinical expertise. They also offer a full range of professional holistic services, from nutrition and dietary advice, to complementary therapies and specialist counselling.

They understand that a vital part of the patient's well-being and recovery depends on the care and support of their loved ones, which is why their counselling service is available to the patient's partner and family. This patient-focused approach, awarded Macmillan Cancer Support status, can help lead to a shorter stay and faster healing times.

Harley Street at UCH 2

UCH London cancer care

Each year UCH in London diagnose and treat over 3,500 new cancer patients and refer another 1,700 patients for radiotherapy. The Trust provides treatment for patients from all over Southeast England and support other hospitals, including Great Ormond Street children's hospital.

UCH is part of the North London Cancer Network which was established in 2000 to link up health professionals and organisations to co-ordinate the delivery of cancer care throughout North London. All members of the network work closely to ensure that suspected cancers are investigated promptly and suitable courses of treatment are pursued.

The multi-discipinary teams include internationally acclaimed Consultants who work closely with colleagues in other disciplines throughout the Trust to deliver specialist patient centered care. The service treats commonly occurring cancers as well as specialising in some of the more unusual forms of cancer like primary bone tumours, soft tissue sarcomas, offering complimentary and psychological therapies and palliative care. It also treats teenagers, thanks to two special units funded by the Teenage Cancer Trust.


  • All common cancers
  • Primary bone tumours
  • Soft tissue sarcomas



Harley Street at UCH

15th Floor
University College Hospital
235 Euston Road

T:  020 7387 6424 
F:  020 7387 3025
E:  info.harleystreetclinic@hcahealthcare.co.uk
W: Harley Street at UCH 


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